Born March 18th, 1959 in Edinburgh, Scotland to parents Wallace Quincy Winthrop and Joyce Ritchie, Barnabus Winthrop would become one of the most influential members of the First and Foremost Lord's servants. Wallace Winthrop, his father conducted a series of strange experiments on his son, which included being absent from his entire life, this forced the young Barnabus to learn the ways of the streets.

Early LifeEdit

As a child, Barnabus was kept in a large crate which was situated between the furnace and another furnace, as his family was very poor, he had only a potato sack to use as a blanket which he was often forced to share with the potatoes. By his own account, Barnabus was not allowed to leave the house unless it was to work in the local factory, where his job as a chimney sweep required him to be dropped down smokestacks whist flailing his arms about, thereby dislodging any solid materials that had encrusted the interior of the pipe. After 7 years of working greuling hours in the factories of Great Britton, he happened by chance to meet The Father.

The FatherEdit

The Father took a liking to the young Barnabus who was then 12 years old, and took him under his wing, The Father taught him many things, including calculus, and butt stuff. Under the guidance of The Father, Barnabus was transformed from a lowly hood rat into a Slumdog Millionaire. Barnabus became one of The Father's closest associates and became privy to The Master's most intimate secrets. Eventually he would become Regent to The Father's son, The Master, taking command of all operations of The Glorious Pacific People's Republic until such time as the young Master had tired of his ceaseless debauchery and was prepared to take the throne of The Happy Floater.