First and Foremost Lord is a title that belongs to the commander of The Happy Floater, and the leader of the Glorious Pacific People's Republic. It is considered to be the highest title on The High Seas. The title is granted as a part of a ceremony reminiscent of the coronations in the middle ages, however there is one key difference; in order for the title to be granted, the Pope, the President of the Untied Stated of America, 14 rice farmers from the Guanghong region of China, and a Professional StarCraft II player must be present. Interestingly the President's approval and presence was not always required, as it was one of the terms of The Hudson Concordant, the agreement that signified lasting peace between the Glorious Pacific People's Republic and The Untied States of America.

The FatherEdit

The Father was the first First and Foremost Lord, eventually ending his reign to pursue the Great Journey in the Stars and passing his reign down to his son, The Master.

The Father took up the mantle at the dawn of time, and until the year 2000 AD, he was one of the greatest powers in the known universe, he commissioned The Happy Floater in the year 1970, he was directly in order to save money during the construction of the ship, Indonesian children were used to assemble the entirety of the vessel. These cost cutting measured ultimately caused the deaths of 30,000 child laborers.  

The MasterEdit

The Master is the Second being to hold the title of the First and Foremost Lord, it having been passed down from The Father.