Hudson, Ohio is a location revered for its massive wealth, it is notable for being the residence and birthplace of the master, as well as the first battle of Dole's Last Stand, wherein the residents of Hudson withdrew all of their money from the banks and stacked it up into an impenetrable defense, preventing US military


An artist's rendition of Hudson.

forces from sacking the town. The origins of Hudson are shrouded in myth, but it was first discovered by pioneers travelling through Ohio sometime in the 1500's. It quickly burgeoned into massively rich town which attracted The Father's attention at some point, who made it his home.

History Edit

The earliest documentation of Hudson dates to around the 1560's, and is believed to be the "El Dorado" or "Golden City" of legend. It was apparently completely uninhabited upon its discovery, with riches lining the streets free for the taking. Settlers made their home in the city, and it thrived under The Father's leadership.

Dole's Last Stand Edit

In 1980, Hudson engaged in a brief battle with the U.S. military after The Father's aggressive acquisition of Hawaii. The residents of Hudson bravely stacked their gold and money to form an impenetrable barrier around the city, from which they could launch caviar at the unfortunate ground troops. Air strikes bombarded the city, but their solid diamond infrastructure held true until peace arrangements could be made.

The Glorious Pacific People's Republic Edit

Today, Hudson acts as an embassy between the GPPR and the United States. The residents are extraordinarily wealthy and live lives of joy