The Father, also known as the Abrahamic God, has existed since time immemorial. He is everything that is,

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everything that shall be and everything that once was. The Father can see into your mind. The Father can see into your soul.

Origins Edit

The Father's origins are shrouded in mystery. It is believed that the first recorded mention of The Father is in the epic of Gilgamesh, as the titular hero's father, Lugulbanda, king of Uruk. It is believed, in fact, that The Father has spawned many of history's prominent legends both heroic and evil. He has played a major hand in every human conflict for all of recorded history, and is believed to be responsible for the sinking of Atlantis as well as the Fall of Columbia. He is the founder of the city of Hudson, where he resided until the construction of the Happy Floater.

Empire Edit

The Father settled down and started his own empire in the 60's, with the construction of his most glorious creation- the happy Floater. It has acted as the capital of his island nation, the GPPR which is made up of Hawaii and all other Pacific Islands.

Departure Edit

In 2006, The Father suddenly vanished from this Earth. He is believed to have ascended to the stars in order to aid in a battle between the gods and demons of Zion, and has not been seen since. His empire and flagship were entrusted to his steward Barnabus until 2010, when his son The Master was old enough to inherit


these responsibilities.

Progeny Edit

Thus follows a list of The Father's offspring. It is believed his title is derived from the number of exceptional children he has produced.



Jesus Christ

Genghis Khan

King Arthur

Paul Bunyan

Rosa Parks

The Master

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